How to Choose a Air Fryer

The fryer is a famous kitchen appliance that cooks grilled foods fries your favorite foods and distributes convention hot air around your meals. Since it is cooked in hot air instead of butter oil, it is very healthy. A high-speed mechanical fan circulates hot air around the food, boils and forms a wavy layer. This means that you can enjoy your favorite crunchy pancakes without healthy flavor fears.

The smaller units usually range between 1 liter and 2 liters, while the intermediate units vary between 1.8 and 2.5 liters. Larger units can have up to 5 liters or more. If you want to cook or fry the whole crispy chicken, choose the big ones. If you have a small family of 4 to 5 people, the capacity of the fryer should be 2 liters. If you have a large family with capacity for 7-8 people or more, choose a 3-6 liter fryer. This is the perfect choice of the fryer so you can serve more visitors at the same time. The fryers are available with twin baskets, so you can have two different foods cooked at the same time.

You must ensure that the kitchen supplies enough energy consumption for the air fryer. It is important that your kitchen doors bear 800 W to 1500 W, which is generally used by a conventional fryer. The air reservoir contains more watts and higher temperatures are reached, and soon the oil is heated when frozen foods such as frozen peas or meat are added. Air Fryers s are ready with a power of up to 1800 W and more.

Energy consumption
The maximum power of the 1500 W air fryer should not exceed one unit per day. If you cook in an air fryer for 30 minutes, the maximum power consumption will be only half a unit of electricity per day. The fryer takes about 15 minutes to complete the cooking at home. Most fryers have a power of fewer than 1500 watts and consume less than half of the households per day.

Heat control
The adjustment of the temperature of the air fryer can have a decisive influence on the result with the desired final result. Basically, air fryers work well when the temperature exceeds 400 degrees. The high temperatures are suited for cooking food at a higher rate. Baked goods do not absorb the greatest amount of fat during cooking for a short period of time at high temperatures. However, they make sure that the device has a suitable controller that helps it cook at the right temperature. The presence of indicator lights and the built-in timer simplify the preparation process.

First, pay attention to a well-insulated air fryer with a good handle so you do not burn your hands when you remove the basket. Secondly, the base of the machine must be a non-slip foot, so that the machine is unable to slip off thereby locking the lid and the external control basket. Make sure that the fryer is equipped with automatic shut-offs to prevent overcooking.

Air fryers are very important when it comes to cooking. This appliance only requires one to master a few details in order to start using it in cooking activities. This makes it user-friendly as it ensures safety by comprising of automatic shut offs.

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